Dromida Vista


Ready to Fly $79.99

Key Features

  • Frame: Rugged plastic
  • Flight Modes: Four;
  • Easy Mode: Control rates are low, default model for controller, for indoor use and when pilot is learning to fly
  • Normal Mode: Control rates are high, for outdoor use or when more agility is desired
  • Advanced Mode: Advanced stabilization is off and control rates are low
  • Expert Mode: Advanced stabilization is off and control rates are high Performs flips at the touch of a button on transmitter
  • Radio: Dromida MR100 SLT with digital trims, flight mode button and flip button, transmitter is powered by four included AAA batteries receiver is compatible with other SLT transmitters such as the Tactic TTX650, see COMMENTS
  • Gyro: 3-axis with 3 accelerometers for stable indoor flight
  • Lights: High-intensity multi-color LEDs for easy tracking and orientation
  • Battery: 850mAh 1S LiPo
  • Charger: USB type

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